Gay marriage

Posted 2021-01-10

The global divide on homosexuality persists. What are the marriage rates for same-sex and opposite sex couples.

Gay marriage becomes legal in ireland

Did you celebrate your relationship with your same-sex partner before the law allowed you to do so. Some people believe that denying same-sex couples the right to marry is a form of discrimination. Share experiences of same sex unions before marriage was legal. Gay marriage should be legalized.

Despite social marriage, gay couples still yearn for legal rights

Even if a wedding ceremony is performed, these couples are not recognized by the government as legally married.

Gay marriage green cards

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Why america changed its mind on gay marriage

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Apple, google, facebook tell supreme court

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France's first gay marriage takes place in montpellier

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China's lgbt couples wed online as gay marriage push stalls

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Opposing sides of landmark gay marriage case unite to oppose trump's court pick

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Where same

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Costa rica becomes the first country in central america to legalize same
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